January 1979 06 TRS-80: A Small Business Application TRS-80 A look at how a TRS-80 microcomputer system works in a small business.
  23 TRS-80 Update TRS-80 A description and review of updates to the original TRS-80 microcomputer from Tandy.
May 1979 35 Reversal TRS-80 Reverse digits to put a set of random digits 1 - 9 back into numeric order.
August 1979 68 Mini Ledger TRS-80 A program to handle a mini sales ledger for a small business.
November 1979 26 TRS-80 TRS-80 A first time buyer's review of the TRS-80.
December 1979 35 Stock Control TRS-80 A small business application for the TRS-80 to handle stock control.
February 1980 20 Micro Update TRS-80 An update to a previous review of the TRS-80.
March 1980 48 Gas costs TRS-80 A BASIC program to calculate household gas consumption and costs written for the TRS-80.
April 1980 40 Variable Saver TRS-80 A method of saving BASAIC program variables for the TRS-80.
May 1980 10 Computa-Pattern TRS-80 A BASIC program to draw patterns on the screen written for the TRS-80.
July 1980 12 Mailing List TRS-80 A BASIC program for the TRS-80 Level 2 which builds an address book and prints mailing labels from it.
  30 Hex Routines TRS-80 Some short BASIC routines to handle memory and machine code on the TRS-80.
September 1980 16 TRS-80 Utility TRS-80 A BASIC program to poke machine code utilities into memory.
October 1980 39 User Keys for TRS-80 TRS-80 A machine code program to provide user definable keys for the TRS-80.
  46 Snap TRS-80 A BASIC version of the game Snap written for the TRS-80.
November 1980 21 Mousetrap TRS-80 A BASIC implementation of the game Mousetrap written for the TRS-80.
February 1981 28 Memory Map TRS-80 A list of important memory addresses for the TRS-80.
  58 Wordsquare TRS-80 Level II A program to generate word squares up to 15x15 in size from a list of words typed into the computer.
April 1981 15 Fast Plotter TRS-80 A fast graph plotting routine written in machine code for the TRS-80. It uses a BASIC program to poke the machine code into memory.
June 1981 59 Flexible Storage TRS-80 A review of the Aculab Floppy Tape for the TRS-80 or Video Genie.
July 1981 59 Zalambdodont TRS-80 A calculator that performs arithmetic and Boolean operations on binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII and Boolean values.
August 1981 17 Elemental Analysis TRS-80 Helps to calculate % composition and molecular formulae of compounds.
September 1981 44 Disc Purge TRS-80 A BASIC utility to delete all non-system files from a TRS-80 DOS disk.
  52 Pools Prediction TRS-80 Part one of a program which attempts to predict football results for use with the football pools.
  78 Morse Trainer TRS-80 A program to produce Morse Code at up to 12 words per minute to help prepare for the Class A Radio Amateur Examination.
October 1981 21 Pools Prediction TRS-80 Part two of the Pools Prediction program with the full BASIC listing.
November 1981 61 Tandy - Genie Conversions TRS-80 A machine code utility to upgrade the TRS-80 performance to provide features found in the Video Genie.
December 1981 061 Making Music TRS-80 A description of how a sound facility can be added to the TRS-80 or Video Genie.
  096 Data Packing TRS-80 A description of routines used to compact data for saving on the TRS-80 cassette filing system.
January 1982 045 Goig Forth TRS-80 The start of a series about programming in FORTH.
February 1982 48 Using Tandy's Graphics TRS-80 How to use the graphics on the TRS-80 and Video Genie computers.
April 1982 91 Going Forth TRS-80 Writing the Towers of Hanoi game in FORTH. The last in the series.
May 1982 57 Compilers TRS-80 A review of a BASIC compiler for the TRS-80 computer.
  83 The Valley TRS-80 Notes on how to convert the Valley Adventure program to run on a TRS-80 computer.
June 1982 67 Simulating FORTH TRS-80 A FORTH emulator for the TRS-80 computer, written in BASIC.
July 1982 21 BASIC on Display TRS-80 A machine code program to display the contents of the BASIC scratchpad RAM for the TRS-80 computer.
August 1982 31 Easter TRS-80 A program to calculate when Easter is written in BASIC for the TRS-80.
  49 The Art of Data Storage TRS-80 A look at storing data on cassettes and floppy discs.
  62 Video Dump TRS-80 A machine code routine to dump the VDU screen to printer written for the TRS-80 or the Video Genie.
  81 Case Convertor TRS-80 A short BASIC program to convert lower case letters to upper case on the TRS-80.
September 1982 30 Case Convertor TRS-80 Provide both upper and lower case letters on the TRS-80 computer.
  75 The Art of Data Storage TRS-80 Efficiently coding numbers for storage on tape for a TRS-80 computer.
October 1982 20 Systems Simulation TRS-80 Program development on the TRS-80 computer in BASIC.
  41 TBUG from BASIC TRS-80 A method of gaining access to the TRS-80 monitor program from BASIC.
  72 Data Storage TRS-80 The final part of how to store data of different types on tape for a TRS-80 computer.
November 1982 52 Tandy Array Dump TRS-80 Using arrays to speed up data storage on tape.
February 1983 84 Chilotux TRS-80 A letter matching game for the TRS-80 written in machine code.
April 1983 38 Extensions to The Valley TRS-80 Further additions and variations on the Valley adventure game. Includes modifications for the BBC micro and Sinclair Spectrum.
  73 A Micro Database TRS-80 A simple database written in BASIC for the TRS-80.
May 1983 61 A micro Database TRS-80 Part two of the simple database program written in BASIC for the TRS-80.
June 1983 69 Indexer TRS-80 Using a computer to make alphabetical lists for various applications. Written in BASIC for the TRS-80.
July 1983 32 Bomb Proof Tandy TRS-80 BASIC validation routines for the TRS-80.
October 1983 65 A Better TRSDOS TRS-80 A series of patches written in BASIC to improve the performance of TRSDOS 2.3 for the TRS-80 computer.
January 1984 24 The Programmer's Aid TRS-80 A machine code routine to provide single key entry for BASIC keywords on the TRS-80.
  63 TRS-80 Screen Editor TRS-80 A machine code routine for a full-screen BASIC editor for the TRS-80.
February 1984 15 Using Epson MX-80 Graphics TRS-80 BASIC graphics routines for the Epson MX-80 printer written in TRS-80 BASIC.
May 1984 16 Easycode Part 3 TRS-80 Adding a small assembler and disassembler to the Easycode language.
June 1984 57 Faster FORTH TRS-80 How to get the Acculab floppy tape drive and MMS FORTH for the TRS-80 to work together.
August 1984 41 Screen Scroller TRS-80 A machine code program to provide graphics windows for any Z80 based computer. Specifically written for the TRS-80
September 1984 56 TRS-80 Arraysave TRS-80 A machine code routine written for the TRS-80 or Video Genie which will save arrays and their contents.
November 1984 21 Memory Moves TRS-80 Methods of moving large amounts of memory in the TRS-80 and Video Genie computers.
February 1985 56 TRS-80 Mail List TRS-80 A BASIC program for the TRS-80 to allow the production of mail-shots.
April 1985 21 Write Your Own Spellcheck TRS-80 Providing the detail and gudance necessary to write a computer spellchecker.


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