March 1979 67 Stomper PET A game in which one chases an insect around the screen to kill it.
April 1979 54 Ambush PET A test-based shooting game.
  64 PET Port PET A review of the PET Port addon from PETsoft. The module attaches to the IEEE port on the back of the PET and allows RS232 connection to a suitable printer.
May 1979 14 Computhink Disc Review PET A review of the latest floppy disc drives for the Commodore PET from Computhink.
June 1979 28 PET Port II PET A review of another serial port adapter for the PET including a sample program for its use.
  34 Minefield Game PET A PET BASIC game to save two people trapped in a minefield.
August 1979 22 Grave Work for PET PET A look at how the PET microcomputer can be used in relation to genealogy.
  37 PET Bus PET The workings of the PET IEEE bus explained.
September 1979 48 Hangman PET A version of the Hangman game written in PET BASIC.
October 1979 44 PET Toolkit PET A review of the PET Toolkit ROM.
December 1979 57 PET Impressions PET An owner's review of the PET.
February 1980 54 PET Communication PET A review of the PET Communicator a device to provide 8 digital outputs.
  61 A Reflex Tester PET A game in BASIC that tests one's reflexes.
March 1980 28 Outtie Invasion PET A space shootin game. Destroy the Aliens before they destroy you.
  33 Moonbase Alert PET A game in which you must shoot down the invading spaceships.
  51 Home Finance PET A BASIC program which keeps track of a household budget written for the 8K PET.
April 1980 22 Second Bit PET A machine code routine to display the PET memory on screen from anywhere in the memory map.
  22 Using a Soundbox to listen to Tapes Loading PET A description of how to add a sound box to a PET to listen to a tape loading.
  39 Pinball PET An implementation of the game Pinball on an 8K PET written in BASIC.
  43 Spaceship PET A space dogfight game written in BASIC for the PET.
May 1980 32 Motoring Finance PET A PET BASIC program to handle car ownership finances, running costs etc.
June 1980 68 Kirk vs the Cursor PET A version of the Space Attack game programmed in PET BASIC.
July 1980 54 Micro Examination PET A multiple choice quiz written in BASIC for the 8K PET.
August 1980 16 Photographer's Aid PET A PET BASIC program to calculate flsh to subject distances.
  29 Multipurpose Records PET A simple database program written in BASIC for the PET.
  40 PET Diary PET A BASIC program to implement a diary on the PET.
  58 Problem Page PET Solving problems using BASIC programs. A development of a board game.
October 1980 29 Fox and Hounds PET A BASIC version of the game Fox and Hounds written for the PET.
November 1980 20 PET Editor PET A BASIC program to output a PET program listing one screen at a time.
  23 Analogue Convertor PET Constructional and programming details of how to add the LD130 ADC chip to the PET IEEE bus.
December 1980 20 Problem Page PET Solving problems using BASIC programs.
  42 Superchip PET A review of a ROM-based programmer's toolkit for the PET.
  52 Interactive Graphics PET Part 2 of the article on placing moving graphics on the PET VDU using BASIC.
  59 Double Density PET A BASIC program that allows double density plotting of graphics on the PET VDU.
  74 Microwriter PET A BASIC program for the PET which allows the input of text and allows the text to be printed on the CBM2023 printer.
  75 PET Menu PET Implement a cassette tape menu loading system written in BASIC for the PET.
January 1981 44 Interactive Graphics PET The final installment in the interactive graphics series. Designed to work with the PET the principles will also work on MZ-80K, RM 380Z and TRS-80. Includes a BASIC program version of Breakout along with a fast machine code graphics plotting routine.
  60 Optimisation in BASIC PET A discussion of methods which can be used to optimise the performance of BASIC programs for the PET microcomputer.
February 1981 26 Memory Test PET A version of the Simon game.
  71 Significant What? PET A routine to round any number to N significant figures.
March 1981 40 SuperPET Reviewed PET A comprehensive review of the SuperPET, the 8000 series of PET computers.
  62 Power Boat PET A text based power boat driving game.
April 1981 52 Personal Banker PET A simple program to keep a record of a current account bank balance.
  54 Bit Manipulation PET Handles individual bits for setting and unsetting pins on an input/output port.
  54 Graph Scaler PET A short routine to work out the scale for numbers on the axes of a graph for any function.
May 1981 25 Surround PET A version of the classic arcade game for the PET. Requires less than 4K of RAM.
  35 Dambuster PET A PET game based on dropping a bouncing bomb to destroy a dam.
  52 Record Handler Mods PET Modifications to the August 1980 General Purpose Records program to allow addition of information to a file.
  73 6502 Programming Course PET Third in the 6502 programming series focuses on practical programming examples for the PET.
June 1981 24 Versatile A to D PET Add two ADC channels to the PET or any computer with a 6522 VIA.
  33 6502 Programming Course PET Programming the PET user port using 6502 machine code.
  43 Amazeing PET A maze game written in BASIC for the 8K PET.
July 1981 25 Maxi-Mander PET A generalised, validated input routine.
  38 Multicolumn Records PET An update to the original August 1980 program.
August 1981 61 6502 Programming Course PET The final part of the series presents a simple 6502 assembler written in BASIC .
September 1981 39 Upgrade Your PET PET Upgrading the memory of a 16K PET to 32K.
  46 PET Lister PET A machine code program to change a program listing to change the awkward PET graphic codes to Computing Today standard codes, eg. [CLS] instead of the reverse field heart for Clear Screen.
October 1981 39 Non-Stop PET PET A machine code routine to allow program resumption after the STOP key has been pressed.
December 1981 033 Statistically Speaking PET A simple statistical utility package.
  039 Number Crunching PET Using Reverse Polish Notation for calculations on the Commodore PET.
  054 'Scope Simulation PET A full simulation of a digital storage oscilloscope on the Commodoe PET fitted with a PIC chip.
January 1982 031 Leapfrog Commodore PET The design and implementation of the logical coin game.
April 1982 51 The Valley PET A real time graphical adventure game written in BASIC for the 32K PET.
June 1982 20 Two-Pass Assembler Commodore PET A two-pass assembler for 6502 machine code written in BASIC for the Commodore PET 32K.
  53 Program Protection Commodore PET A simple method of protecting Commodore PET programs from being copied.
September 1982 57 Quiz Time Commodore PET A test program written in BASIC for the Commodore PET.
  82 Tape Indexer Commodore PET An indexing method for storing programs sequentially on tape.
October 1982 62 Buffered Programming Commodore PET Using the keyboard buffer on the Commodore PET to enter commands and programs under program control.
November 1982 32 Commodore Communications Commodore PET A machine code program to allow two Commodore computers exchange data via the user ports.
February 1983 74 PEEK and POKE Explained Commodore PET Using PEEK and POKE to load programs into BASIC.
November 1983 92 Tape Append Routine Commodore PET A guide to appending tape files on the Commodore PET.
February 1984 59 Two PET Utilities Commodore PET A PRINT USING utility for the Commodore PET written in BASIC and a method of preventing BASIC programs from being LISTed.
June 1984 64 Search and Replace PET A machine code routine to provide a search and replace facility for Commodore BASIC programs.


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