October 1981 34 Programming Languages FORTH An overview of programming in FORTH.
January 1982 045 Goig Forth FORTH The start of a series about programming in FORTH.
February 1982 61 Going FORTH FORTH Part two of the series on using FORTH. Comparative testing.
March 1982 048 Going FORTH FORTH Using conditional loops in FORTH.
April 1982 91 Going Forth FORTH Writing the Towers of Hanoi game in FORTH. The last in the series.
October 1982 26 Atom FORTH FORTH A review of the Atom FORTH programming language.
May 1983 45 Going FORTH FORTH A depper look into FORTH on the Jupiter Ace; random numbers.
  53 FORTH Comes Home FORTH A review of the Jupiter Ace.
July 1983 37 Going FORTH Again FORTH A review of current versions of FORTH.
November 1983 68 Learning FORTH FORTH Part 1 of a teaching series on programming in FORTH on the ZX Spectrum.
  84 Floating Point Dictionary FORTH A dictionary for the Jupiter Ace computer written in FORTH. This allows floating point calculations to be carried out.
December 1983 53 Learning FORTH Part 2 FORTH An introduction to FORTH variables.
January 1984 66 Learning FORTH Part 3 FORTH Part 3 of a series explaining how to program in FORTH.
February 1984 37 Learning Forth FORTH Part 4 in the teach yourself programming series on FORTH.
  56 ZX81-FORTH FORTH A review of the ZX81 multi-tasking FORTH ROM from David Husband.
March 1984 48 Learning FORTH Part 5 FORTH Part 5 of a series explaining how to program in FORTH. A look at input and output.
April 1984 31 Learning FORTH Part 5 FORTH Part 6 of a series explaining how to program in FORTH. Extending the compiler and using machine code.
June 1984 57 Faster FORTH FORTH How to get the Acculab floppy tape drive and MMS FORTH for the TRS-80 to work together.
July 1984 67 Learning FORTH FORTH Part 7 in the series on learning to program in FORTH.


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