November 1978 05 NASCOM 1 Reviewed NASCOM 1 A review of the NASCOM 1 microcomputer.
April 1979 14 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 A program to assist organising a personal budget for the NASCOM 1
May 1979 30 M5 NASCOM 1 A look at the new high level langiage, M5, designed by Microdigital for use on the NASCOM 1.
  33 RAM Test NASCOM 1 A program to test the RAM in a NASCOM 1. Writes FF and 00 one after another into each RAM location, reading back what was stored to verify correct RAM working.
  68 NASCOM Tunes NASCOM 1 A constructional and programming article to produce sound from the NASCOM 1.
June 1979 54 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 An educational program for the NASCOM 1. Just a quiz really.
July 1979 25 Random Number Generator NASCOM 1 A subroutine to provide pseudo random numbers for the NASCOM 1.
  27 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 A NASCOM sort routine.
  47 Hanoi Tower NASCOM 1 A version of the classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle.
August 1979 62 NASCOM Tele-Test NASCOM 1 Check out the operation of your CRT using this NASCOM 1 program.
October 1979 46 Etch-A-Sketch NASCOM 1 A version of Etch-a-Sketch to run on the NASCOM 1 computer with a T2 monitor.
  64 Intelligent Tabulate for NASCOM NASCOM 1 A no frills disassembler for NASCOM 1 machine code outputting the diassembly in a properly formatted style.
  66 NASCOM Scheduler NASCOM 1 A program scheduler written for the NASCOM 1 which uses the on-board PIO to generate interrupts to switch between up to 5 program tasks.
November 1979 16 Turing Machines NASCOM 1 A discussion of Turing Machines and a program to simulate a Turing Machine on the NASCOM 1.
  47 Number Cruncher NASCOM 1 A constructional programming project to add the calculating power of the CBM 6120R calculator to the NASCOM 1.
December 1979 70 Graphics Unit NASCOM 1 A constructional article to build a memory mapped graphics unit for the NASCOM 1.
  76 NASCOM Life NASCOM 1 An implementation of Conway's Life game on the Nascom 1.
January 1980 26 Projector Controller NASCOM 1 A constructional and programming article to build a slide controller for a NASCOM 1.
February 1980 16 Logic Emulator NASCOM 1 A program that emulates various logic functions on the NASCOM 1. Written in machine code.
  24 T4 Review NASCOM 1 A review of the T4 monitor program for the NASCOM 1.
March 1980 62 NAS Read NASCOM 1 A program to provide a reliable 2400 Baud tape interface for the NASCOM 1.
April 1980 40 24 Hour Clock NASCOM 1 A 24 hour clock display written for use with the NASCOM Scheduler (sic).
  43 INTAB MOD NASCOM 1 An extension to the NASCOM 1 Intelligent Tabulator program (sic).
  49 Text Edit NASCOM 1 A text editing program written for the NASCOM in machine code.
August 1980 56 Micrographics Report NASCOM 1 A short review of the Micrographics colour board for the NASCOM 1.
September 1980 35 Othello NASCOM 1 A machine code program to implement the game Othello on the NASCOM 1
November 1980 52 RAM for free NASCOM 1 How to use the NASCOM 1 screen memory as general purpose RAM for program/data storage.
January 1981 36 Chess Recorder NASCOM 1 A machine code program to record up to 59 moves during a game of chess. These may then be stored/retrieved to/from cassette tape.
February 1981 28 Two Tone NASCOM 1 A modification to the circuit to allow inverted video to be displayed.
  28 Screen Scroll NASCOM 1 A machine code routine to scroll only the bottom four lines of the screen.
  30 React O'Time NASCOM 1 A basic reaction timing game. A character appears on screen and a clock starts and stops when you press the correct character on the keyboard. The program tests for cheating.
  63 Joystick Controls NASCOM 1 A constructional article with accompanying machine code programs to allow the attachment of analogue joystick to the NASCOM 1 computer.
March 1981 25 NAS Wars NASCOM 1 A space-based shootem up game where the starfighter blasts aliens.


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