November 1978 05 NASCOM 1 Reviewed NASCOM 1 A review of the NASCOM 1 microcomputer.
April 1979 14 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 A program to assist organising a personal budget for the NASCOM 1
May 1979 30 M5 NASCOM 1 A look at the new high level langiage, M5, designed by Microdigital for use on the NASCOM 1.
  33 RAM Test NASCOM 1 A program to test the RAM in a NASCOM 1. Writes FF and 00 one after another into each RAM location, reading back what was stored to verify correct RAM working.
  68 NASCOM Tunes NASCOM 1 A constructional and programming article to produce sound from the NASCOM 1.
June 1979 54 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 An educational program for the NASCOM 1. Just a quiz really.
July 1979 25 Random Number Generator NASCOM 1 A subroutine to provide pseudo random numbers for the NASCOM 1.
  27 NASCOM Package NASCOM 1 A NASCOM sort routine.
  47 Hanoi Tower NASCOM 1 A version of the classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle.
August 1979 62 NASCOM Tele-Test NASCOM 1 Check out the operation of your CRT using this NASCOM 1 program.
October 1979 46 Etch-A-Sketch NASCOM 1 A version of Etch-a-Sketch to run on the NASCOM 1 computer with a T2 monitor.
  64 Intelligent Tabulate for NASCOM NASCOM 1 A no frills disassembler for NASCOM 1 machine code outputting the diassembly in a properly formatted style.
  66 NASCOM Scheduler NASCOM 1 A program scheduler written for the NASCOM 1 which uses the on-board PIO to generate interrupts to switch between up to 5 program tasks.
November 1979 16 Turing Machines NASCOM 1 A discussion of Turing Machines and a program to simulate a Turing Machine on the NASCOM 1.
  47 Number Cruncher NASCOM 1 A constructional programming project to add the calculating power of the CBM 6120R calculator to the NASCOM 1.
December 1979 70 Graphics Unit NASCOM 1 A constructional article to build a memory mapped graphics unit for the NASCOM 1.
  76 NASCOM Life NASCOM 1 An implementation of Conway's Life game on the Nascom 1.
January 1980 26 Projector Controller NASCOM 1 A constructional and programming article to build a slide controller for a NASCOM 1.
February 1980 16 Logic Emulator NASCOM 1 A program that emulates various logic functions on the NASCOM 1. Written in machine code.
  24 T4 Review NASCOM 1 A review of the T4 monitor program for the NASCOM 1.
  28 N2 Review NASCOM 2 A review of the NASCOM 2.
  58 Trailing NASCOM A program to provide a text-based trailer for the next program on a cassette tape.
March 1980 62 NAS Read NASCOM 1 A program to provide a reliable 2400 Baud tape interface for the NASCOM 1.
April 1980 40 24 Hour Clock NASCOM 1 A 24 hour clock display written for use with the NASCOM Scheduler (sic).
  43 INTAB MOD NASCOM 1 An extension to the NASCOM 1 Intelligent Tabulator program (sic).
  44 Stopwatch NASCOM A stop watch program for the NASCOM computer written in machine code.
  46 NASForte NASCOM A machine code program to turn the NASCOM keyboard into a two octave organ.
  49 Text Edit NASCOM 1 A text editing program written for the NASCOM in machine code.
July 1980 39 Softspot NASCOM A machine code routine to drive a Centronics P1 printer from a NASCOM port.
  41 Kingdoms NASCOM A version of the game Kingdoms written for the NASCOM 1 in machine code.
  63 NASCOM Trace NASCOM A trace facility for the NASCOM 1 written in machine code.
August 1980 44 Machine Code NASCOM A machine code program to print a calendar for any year on the NASCOM.
  56 Micrographics Report NASCOM 1 A short review of the Micrographics colour board for the NASCOM 1.
September 1980 35 Othello NASCOM 1 A machine code program to implement the game Othello on the NASCOM 1
November 1980 52 RAM for free NASCOM 1 How to use the NASCOM 1 screen memory as general purpose RAM for program/data storage.
December 1980 24 Cells and Serpents NASCOM A role playing adventure game written in BASIC for the NASCOM.
  38 NASCOM Patterns NASCOM A short BASIC program to draw graphics patterns on the NASCOM VDU.
January 1981 16 NASCOM Renumber NASCOM A machine code utility to renumber a BASIC program on the NASCOM microcomputer.
  36 Chess Recorder NASCOM 1 A machine code program to record up to 59 moves during a game of chess. These may then be stored/retrieved to/from cassette tape.
February 1981 28 Two Tone NASCOM 1 A modification to the circuit to allow inverted video to be displayed.
  28 Screen Scroll NASCOM 1 A machine code routine to scroll only the bottom four lines of the screen.
  30 React O'Time NASCOM 1 A basic reaction timing game. A character appears on screen and a clock starts and stops when you press the correct character on the keyboard. The program tests for cheating.
  44 Stock Car NASCOM 2 A simulation of a stock car race on the VDU.
  63 Joystick Controls NASCOM 1 A constructional article with accompanying machine code programs to allow the attachment of analogue joystick to the NASCOM 1 computer.
March 1981 25 NAS Wars NASCOM 1 A space-based shootem up game where the starfighter blasts aliens.
  49 NASCOM Titles NASCOM A routine to make sure that a program title stays at the top of the screen and survives a clear screen command.
  56 Using the NASCOM 2 NASCOM 2 Information and utilities to do with the storage of BASIC programs on the NASCOM 2 computer.
April 1981 55 Tape Librarian NASCOM Allows the creation and manipulation of a library of tapes for NASCOM computers.
May 1981 27 Multi-Purpose Interface NASCOM A hardware constructional project to provide up to 64 latched outputs from the NASCOM PIO ports. Example machine code and BASIC programs are included for driving the add-on.
  45 Conquering Everest NASCOM 2 A simulation of an attempt to climb Mount Everest. Written in Microsoft BASIC for the NASCOM 2 microcomputer.
  51 Complex Root Solver NASCOM 2 A program to calculate and list the roots of polynomials for real coefficients. The polynomial may be of any order and the roots can be either real or complex.
August 1981 45 Saving BASIC String Arrays NASCOM A dump string variable routine from NASCOM BASIC.
  46 Precision Timing Facilities for the Z-80 NASCOM1 An accurate timer for Z-80 based computers.
September 1981 27 Compactor NASCOM A program to compact NASCOM BASIC programs.
October 1981 39 NASCOM Sumchecker Nascom 2 Calculates checksums for entered machine code programs to check entry is correct.
November 1981 82 Heavenly Bodies NASCOM 2 A program to produce a simulation of the night sky.
December 1981 021 NASCOM Memory Display NASCOM A BASIC program to display on screen the contents of any part of the NASCOM memory.
  105 K-DOS NASCOM A description of how to change the DOS on a NASCOM computer.
February 1982 68 Auto Number NASCOM A machine code program to add an AUTO function to NASCOM's BASIC.
June 1982 57 NAS Draw NASCOM A utility to save screen drawings on the NASCOM computer.
July 1982 28 Bomb Run NASCOM A version of the Bomber game written for the NASCOM 1 computer in machine code.
  39 Display Planner NASCOM 2 A machine code program for the NASCOM2 computer to read the screen coordinates of the current cursor position.
  66 NASCOM Utility NASCOM How to add extra commands to NASCOM BASIC.
October 1982 46 Mini-Calc NASCOM A mini spreadsheet program written in machine code for the NASCOM computer using only 2K RAM.
December 1982 90 Cheap Print NASCOM Interfacing a Creed 7E Teleprinter to a NASCOM computer system.
January 1983 70 Cheap Print NASCOM The software needed to interface a Creed Teletypwriter to a NASCOM computer system.
February 1983 66 NASCOM Find NASCOM A machine code routine to search for a given command in a NASCOM BASIC program.
April 1983 20 NASPEN Append NASCOM 3 A machine code utility written for the NASCOM 3 which will append ZEAP assembler source files to the NASPEN text editor.
August 1983 20 Micro Interruptions NASCOM 2 The use of interrupts in a machine code game, Space Invaders, on the NASCOM 2.
October 1983 57 Z80 Disassembler NASCOM 2 A disassembler for the Z80 microprocessor written in BASIC for the NASCOM 2 computer.
January 1984 44 Named Files for NAS-SYS NASCOM A routine for the NASCOM to name machine code files to make finding and loading them easier from tape.
May 1984 63 Upgrading your WP NASCOM A description of an add-on utility for the Nascom NASPENword processor.
June 1984 51 Interrupts NASCOM A look at using interrupts from machine code under NAS-SYS4 on the NASCOM.
October 1984 55 NAS-SYS Printing Nascom A simple method of getting NAS-SYS screens to a printer.
January 1985 38 NASCOM Stringsave NASCOM A machine code routine to save strings and/or string arrays on the NASCOM computer.


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