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Please help to support the Archive. The items listed below are especially wanted for preservation.

Donations and/or loans would be most gratefully received and also items for sale.
Please contact the Archive via the email address on the
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  Any titles by Logical Educational Software, excluding Lasermaths
  The Wizard Strikes Back from Cambridgeshire Software House. The Archive's disc is damaged
  Primary Mathematics Programs - Symmetry from Heinemann. The Archive's disc is damaged
  Math 1 from Golem Software; only one title from this package is archived
  Alpha from the Hatfield Advisory Unit needs both the display software disc and the Alpha ROM
  Display Data from Resource needs the software
  Tess from H&H Software, the archive's disc is damaged
  The Nottinghamshire County Council Archimedes discs issued to schools in 1987
  Games Computing issue for February 1985
  Micro-Scope from MAPE, issues 1, 2 and 11    - 24
Lastly, any educational title that is currently missing from the Archive. These can include disc copies or digital images as well as the original discs and be with or without documentation.
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