April 1985 21 Write Your Own Spellcheck BASIC Providing the detail and gudance necessary to write a computer spellchecker.
  25 Algorithm Angles BASIC More algorithms for your micro.
  26 Learn 'C' C Part 1 of a series on learning to use the C programming language.
  34 Two Pascals Pascal A comparative look at two versions of Pascal.
  37 Random Refresh Machine Code About generating random numbers in Z80 machine code.
  52 Macro 2 MBASIC80 Assembler Some examples of using macros in the MBASIC80 Assembler.
  57 The Sound of Music BASIC The science behind the art of computer music on the Amstrad CPC 464 computer.
  60 Orange with Stability Machine Code A routine for getting round the Dragon 32 green screen.
  68 Graphics, Turtles, Recursion BASIC Ways in which the Sinclair QL graohics features may be used from BASIC.
  76 Ten Commandments BASIC Ten rules to follow when using sound on the Amstrad CPC 464 from BASIC.
May 1985 20 Two Cs C A review of two different versions of the programming language, C.
  34 BBC Text Editor BASIC A modest text editing program for the BBC microcomputer.
  37 Every Picture BASIC Representing information in pictorial form on the BBC microcomputer in BASIC.
  47 More I/O BASIC How to use a 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface to provide an external keyboard for the Sharp MZ80K computer.
  56 Learn 'C' C Part two of the series on learning to program in C.
June 1985 42 Learn 'C' C Advanced features of the C language.
  51 Algorithm Angles BASIC Coming to grips with some common statistics functions.
  57 Saving Space Machine Code Remove line feeds from a listing using this machine code routine.
July 1985 26 Cribbage Player BASIC Part 1 of a series developing a Cribbage playing program for the BBC micro and Amstrad CPC464.
  31 Algorithm Angles BASIC Puzzle solving algorithms.
  32 The Arnor Maxam Machine code A review of the Arnor Mxam assembler program for the Amstrad CPC464
  34 Trapping Zeros BASIC Trapping the No Room error on the BBC micro.
  38 Learn 'C' C The last part of the series on learning to program in C.
  40 Oxford Pascal Pascal A review of Oxford Pascal for the BBC micro.
  56 Clubfile BASIC A filing system/database for Atari micros.


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