June 1980 22 ZX80 Reviewed ZX80 A review of the ZX80.
December 1980 15 ZX80 Extra ZX80 A BASIC routine to poke graphics characters onto the ZX80 VDU screen.
January 1981 34 8K Extra ZX80 A hardware constructional project to adapt the ZX80 circuit board to provide an extra 8K of RAM for user programs or machine code routines.
  38 Cassette Mods ZX80 Hardware modifications to the cassette interface of the ZX80 to improve the signal strength.
February 1981 27 ZX80 Renumber ZX80 A BASIC program that pokes a machine code routine into memory which, when activated, renumbers a BASIC program.
March 1981 20 Bits of Boole ZX80 The use of Boolean operators and Boolean algebra to shorten complex IF_ THEN _ statements.
  49 Catch ZX80 Avoid getting trapped by the computer as you move aroound the screen.
April 1981 51 ZX80 Nim ZX80 A 1K version of the game NIM.
  52 Kitchen Calculator ZX80 A program to calculate the time needed to cook a joint of beef, lamb, etc.
May 1981 37 ZX80 Book Survey ZX80 A review of current books for the ZX80 microcomputer.
  43 Drawing Board ZX80 A simple BASIC drawing program for the ZX80 microcomputer.
  69 2K ZX80 ZX80 Instructions for fitting an extra 1K of static RAM in a ZX80 microcomputer. Uses 2114 memory chips.
June 1981 22 Mini OXO ZX80 A BASIC program to play the game Noughts and Crosses (OXO) on the 1K ZX80.
  38 Kingdoms ZX80 A BASIC version of the game 'Kingdoms' written for a 4K ZX80 with 4K BASIC.
August 1981 75 Area Calculator ZX80 Calculates the area inside a polygon.
December 1982 33 ZX Connect ZX80 A Connect 4 game for a Sinclair ZX80 computer with 2K.


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