May 1981 55 Colouring the Genie Video Genie A review of the colour version of the Video Genie microcomputer.
July 1981 52 Holocaust Video Genie A tactical thermonuclear war game.
October 1981 16 Text Compression Video Genie Methods of coding text to increase available storage capacity for adventure games, etc.
July 1983 23 Genie Space Saver Video Genie A machine code program to strip out REM statements from a BASIC program.
November 1983 28 Rescuing Source Code Video Genie A machine code utility for the TRS-80 or Video Genie computers torescue the source code from a corrupted assembler program.
December 1983 38 MCBAS Converter Video Genie II A machine code routine to convert machine code programs to BASIC DATA statements which can be POKEd into memory.
March 1984 43 Genie Utilities Video Genie A routine for the Video Genie which can extend the usefulness of machine code programming.
April 1984 51 Genie Commands Video Genie A machine code routine for the Video Genie. The routine, VGBAS1, adds structured BASIC commands.
August 1984 28 Genie Sprites Video Genie A program to allow sprite use and manipulation on the Video Genie computer
October 1985 18 Genie Adjustments Video Genie Converting tape-based sprite programs to run on a disk-based Video Genie system.


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