April 1980 47 Blck Box Ohio Superboard/UK101 An implementation of the game Black Box written in BASIC for the Ohio Superboard or UK101.
July 1980 64 Ski Run UK101 A simple BASIC ski run program for the UK101.
August 1980 34 BASIC Life UK101 A version of Conway's Life game witten in BASIC for the UK101.
April 1981 54 Hexdump UK101 A short program to display 104 memory locations at a time as hexadecimal numbers. The start and end addresses can be input bythe user.
June 1981 21 Single Key BASIC UK101 A machine code program for the UK101 to allow single key input of BASIC keywords.
  43 Motor Racing UK101 A BASIC driving game written for the unexpanded UK101.
October 1981 77 Uncrashing Compukit UK101 Suggestions about how to recover a crashed BASIC program on the UK101. Some Zero page locations are given.
  77 UK101 Tape Verification UK101 A macine code routine to provide a verify feature for tape saves on the UK101.
February 1982 16 Graphic Detail UK101 Control codes, screen memory map and graphics characters for the Compukit UK101 computer.
June 1982 27 A Voting Loader UK101 A method of loading a program three times and having software vote on which of the loaded bytes are accurate. Written in 6502 machine code for the UK101 with a CEGMON monitor.
September 1982 40 A Clubhouse Special UK101 A Golf Game written in BASIC for the 8K UK101 computer with a CEGMON monitor and a 32 x 48 screen.
April 1983 92 Lower Case UK101 UK101 A short machine code routine to convert uppercase screen output to lower case for the UK101.
June 1983 26 Making Music UK101 A method of using the ACIA in the UK101 to generate musical notes. Written in machine code for speed.


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