August 1982 56 Spectrum Analysis ZX Spectrum A review of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
March 1983 45 Peeking the Spectrum ZX Spectrum How to PEEK the ZX Spectrum's memory.
May 1983 24 Spectrum Books Survey ZX Spectrum A review of current books for the ZX Spectrum.
June 1983 34 Tube Cube ZX Spectrum A BASIC program for the ZX Spectrum to solve Rubik's Cubes.
August 1983 46 Problem Page ZX Spectrum Solving prime number problems on the ZX Spectrum in BASIC.
October 1983 62 Problem Page Zx Spectrum A look at problem-solving using a computer.
November 1983 25 The ZX LPRINT Interface ZX Spectrum A review of a centronics printer interface for he ZX Spectrum.
  68 Learning FORTH ZX Spectrum Part 1 of a teaching series on programming in FORTH on the ZX Spectrum.
December 1983 67 Curve Fitting ZX Spectrum A procedure to calculate an equation which best fits a set of data points. Written for the ZX Spectrum in BASIC.
February 1984 20 Spectrum Machine Code Spectrum A look at machine code programming tools available for the ZX-Spectrum.
March 1984 38 SCOPE Graphics Language ZX Spectrum A look at the SCOPE graphics language for the ZX Spectrum.
  59 The Legible Spectrum ZX Spectrum Ways of connecting real printers to the Zx Spectrum.
May 1984 87 Z80 Text Compactor Spectrum Encoding and decoding routines in Z80 assembler to compress and decompress text.
June 1984 46 The Leech ZX Spectrum A machine Code routine for the ZX Spectrum which will upload BASIC code developed on another, more able system.
July 1984 82 Data Genie ZX Spectrum A review of the Audiogenic database package, Data Genie, for the ZX Spectrum computer.
August 1984 36 Microdrive File Line Editor ZX Spectrum A data file editing facility for microdrives on the ZX Spectrum computer
September 1984 54 Adventures ZX Spectrum A review of adventire programs for the ZX Spectrum.
February 1985 43 Spectrum Error Handling ZX Spectrum How to add and ON ERROR facility to the ZX Spectrum computer.


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