February 1980 28 N2 Review NASCOM 2 A review of the NASCOM 2.
February 1981 44 Stock Car NASCOM 2 A simulation of a stock car race on the VDU.
March 1981 56 Using the NASCOM 2 NASCOM 2 Information and utilities to do with the storage of BASIC programs on the NASCOM 2 computer.
May 1981 45 Conquering Everest NASCOM 2 A simulation of an attempt to climb Mount Everest. Written in Microsoft BASIC for the NASCOM 2 microcomputer.
  51 Complex Root Solver NASCOM 2 A program to calculate and list the roots of polynomials for real coefficients. The polynomial may be of any order and the roots can be either real or complex.
October 1981 39 NASCOM Sumchecker Nascom 2 Calculates checksums for entered machine code programs to check entry is correct.
November 1981 82 Heavenly Bodies NASCOM 2 A program to produce a simulation of the night sky.
July 1982 39 Display Planner NASCOM 2 A machine code program for the NASCOM2 computer to read the screen coordinates of the current cursor position.
August 1983 20 Micro Interruptions NASCOM 2 The use of interrupts in a machine code game, Space Invaders, on the NASCOM 2.
October 1983 57 Z80 Disassembler NASCOM 2 A disassembler for the Z80 microprocessor written in BASIC for the NASCOM 2 computer.


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