May 1982 83 The Valley Peter Green Notes on how to convert the Valley Adventure program to run on a TRS-80 computer.
September 1983 18 Felix Knowledge Shops Peter Green A review of the Felix Knowledge shops which sell knowledge.
  62 PROCopinion Peter Green Editorial opinion.
October 1983 41 Looking Sharp Peter Green A review of the Sharp MZ-700 series of computers.
November 1983 37 A Look at the Laser Peter Green A review of the Laser 200 computer.
  88 PROCopinion Peter Green Editorial comment.
May 1984 93 Word-Wrapping Peter Green A machine code routine for BBC Microcomputers with OS1.2 and the Acorn Electron to format word-wrapped text on screen.
August 1984 33 New Text for Old Peter Green A machine code proportional spacing routine for screen text on the BBC micro or Acorn Electron computer
September 1984 16 Electron Art Peter Green A review of three commercial art packages for the Acorn Electron.
  52 Machine Code the Easy Way Peter Green A review of New Generation's Complete Machine Code Tutor.
December 1984 43 Lights, Computer, Action Peter Green A feature article on computer animation as used in the film industry.
January 1985 27 Graphic Delights Peter Green A look at the book, Computer Arts and Graphics.


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