An eclectic collection of information, constructional details and photos of projects that have piqued my interest.
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Variable voltage stabilised valve PSU

The circuit and constructional details of a 170 - 320v, 130mA stabilised valve power supply built using 'junk box' components. This was needed to provide the HT and heater supplies for designing and testing circuits using valves.

Econet in a Box

Details of the design and construction of a compact Econet system. This mains powered unit can connect up to six computers which have Econet interfaces fitted. It also allows for easy expansion to extend the reach of the Econet.

ElkPi Computer

Details of the design and construction of a Raspberry Pi based computer system built into an Acorn Electron case. Although this runs RISCOS it has the retro feel of using and programming an Acorn Electron 

Acorn Winchester Disc Drive Upgrade

One of the early Acorn Winchester Disc Drives was obtained by the Archive at the start of 2020. Without a model number on the front, this was found to be a 10.3Mb hard drive using a Seagate ST-412. These and similar hard drives have become long since obsolete and any replacement would be inherently unreliable.

This article describes the route taken to update the Winchester Disc Drive to an IDE system with vastly more storage space.

Floppy Drive Duck

This is a drive doubler box which can accept two single floppy drives and convert them into a dual drive. The drives may be of any type that the BBC computer can use, including the Gotek drive emulator. Either drive may be switched to be drive 0.

Floppy Drive Switcher

This modified Data Switch will switch between up to four floppy disc drives. The disc drives will all appear as drive 0/2.


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