The IDE main page

This IDE for HP-41C programming is provided as a Microsoft Excel 2003 file and is based on VBA programs to create barcodes from HP-41C RAW files, which were written by Dan McDonald and downloaded from HP41.org.

The IDE includes a programming pad which can be used to write a program from scratch and save it to disk as a RAW file. This RAW file can then be loaded into one of the HP-41C emulators available for testing. (My favourite is Virtual HP, written by Warren Furlow.)

Files from the HP-41C emulator can be loaded into the IDE programming pad for further development or printing out if desired.

Once the program has been fully developed and tested and saved as a RAW file, it can be used by the the IDE to create a barcode sheet. This sheet, when printed out using a high quality ink-jet or laser printer, can be read by the HP41-C wand accessory to load the program into a real calculator. If required this program can be saved onto magnetic card for offline storage.


The programming pad view

The barcode page showing the data used.

The barcode page with barcodes.

The HP-41C IDE package includes;

  • the IDE spreadsheet including macros,

  • the barcode true type font,

  • the example program HiLo as a RAW file,

  • the Virtual HP emulator

and can be downloaded here.

This package is provided as an open source project. It is undocumented and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Only the basic instruction set of the HP-41CV is understood by the IDE; module commands and HP-41CX specific commands will not be understood or compiled.

Having said this, the package has been tested with a wide range of HP-41C programs and all have loaded and compiled correctly.

The main use of this program has been to convert programs from the internet into barcode sheets for program entry into a real HP-41C machine.